Zeolite use is popular around the world for a wide range of agriculture benefits.

Function zeolite for agricultural land

  1. Increasing levels of dissolved oxygen in the irrigation water rice cultivation.
  2. Keeping the soil pH balance.
  3. Able to bind heavy metals that are poisoning plants such as Pb and Cd
  4. Bind cations and elements in fertilizers such as urea NH4 + and K +, KCl and Posphat ions, so that the absorption of fertilizer to be efficient (not wasteful).
  5. Environment friendly because neutralizes the polluting elements environment.
  6. Improving the soil structure (physical properties) for Ca and Na content.
  7. Increasing soil Commission (chemical properties).
  8. Improving crops

Many manufacturers often try to gain a competitive advantage by using zeolite as an admixture to vastly improve their product or service.You may already be using zeolite and not realize it. Zeolite is often used in conjunction with other products in order to maximize their performance.
Commercial zeolite products include:

  1. Odour Control (horse stalls, dog runs, litter box)
  2. Industrial/Environmental Spill Absorbent (Hydrocarbons, Paint, Glycol)
  3. Cat Litter (Traditional and Clumping)
  4. Animal Nutrition (Improved Feed Conversion)
  5. Soil Conditioner
  6. Water Filtration & Pools (particulate removal, ammonia control)
  7. Traction for icy conditions.
  8. Flow Agent (Feed), Pellet Binder and Desiccant
  9. Aquaculture (removal of ammonium and inhibits the growth of algae by removing nitrogen)


  1. Forage / livestock nutrition is essential for animal feed / complete nutrition / complete is necessary to continue to live, breed and production.
  2. Nutrition (Ransom) is given to meet standards such as: food substances that contain protein, energy, vitamins and minerals also need trace elements in a certain amount, and food ingredients added (supplement) to the rasum order to improve the quality of best.
  3. ZEOLITE POWDER to provide benefits to livestock digestive function (improved FCR) in livestock, giving supplement minerals (Na, K, Cl, etc.). Do not the forget absorb Ammonia (NH3, NH4) in the digestive tract that will produce food metabolism and the lack of smoothness manure odor.
  4. With the addition will make Ideally PanjaZeo Nutritional Value forage / nutrition able to provide the impact of livestock production and growth are very good so BENEFITS add value to the farmer.
  5. The increased efficiency provided fodder for consumption by 5-11% in poultry.
  6. Increase appetite, accelerate growth and gain weight more organized, increasing age of the life and production for Chicken egg.
  7. Improving the process of food absorption, improve the metabolism process makes dirt / fases drier and not too smelly.
  8. Animals increased endurance and more immune from the disease, primarily respiratory disease and digestion.
  9. Quality meat for the better (more loudly), reduce fat levels on fattening Goat, Sheep, Cattle, Cow, Chicken and Mushroom Cut the others.
  10. Strengthening the Mushroom type shells at al: Chicken, Duck, Goose and Quail Bird.
  11. Increasing levels / quality of milk produced from: Dairy Cattle and Sheep Dairy.
  12. Can make food preservative for all types of grass that will be given to cattle, so the grass becomes more efficient benefits.

Natural zeolite is used for environmental remediation (hydrocarbon & salt), reclamation (soil conditioning), drilling waste stabilization & encapsulation (leachate control), well casing cement, toxicity control, platform traction and produced water filtration (including CBM operations).Zeolite is a benefit to the Oilfield Industry for a wide range of operations. Synthetic zeolite is currently used in gas plants for processing and water softening. Zeolite has tremendous potential in the oilfield industry

Our products is implemented into highly specialized industrial applications in North America. Applications that require cation exchange, molecular sieving, separation and absorption will likely use zeolite.


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